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Clothes for the iPod Wearing Male

Bay Area company looks to design relevant clothes



    Clothes for the iPod Wearing Male
    Banana Republic is going to odd measures to keep its clothes relevant.

    How do you sell clothes to the man who is more concerned about where he is going to stick his iPod or his Blackberry than whether his belt matches his shoes? Oh the things that keep fashion designers up at night.

    Lucky for Banana Republic that Simon Kneen is not your ordinary fashion man.

    The Mill Valley company's creative director thinks in wires.

    "Wire management — working out where men are going to put their cell phone or their iPod or their BlackBerry when they wear our clothes," Kneen told our friends at Esquire in a recent interview.

    His company, which launched in the North Bay 31 years ago, is designing for Generation Next -- and the man on the go who is constantly in tune with his mobile devices.

    Esquire put together a profile of the types of things Kneen takes into consideration when desining the new line of Banana Republic clothing, everything from what latte is being sipped to what sport is on top.

    "We have a heritage in adventure," Kneen told Esquire. "But it has migrated and spread to a more urban sense of adventure."

    He said his company is not trying to reinvent the game but keep staples such as khakis and polo shirts relevant still.