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D.I.Y., Together: Workshop Opens

it's called do it yourself, not do it alone!



    Not Getting Enough Sleep? What’s Your Excuse?

    Just because you like to do-it-yourself shouldn’t have to mean doing it all by yourself. That’s the idea behind Workshop, a creative arts space opening on Saturday in San Francisco’s Western Addition from the founder of the widely-attended Indie Mart events.

    “I wanted something really interactive. Indie Mart is really fun and people love to come out to it, but it’s not a place people can come on the regular,” Workshop co-owner and Indie Mart founder Kelly Malone tells us.

    Inside the 800-square-foot space, what Malone dubs an “inspiration library” beckons artists and designers with a collection of books and reading materials meant to spark new ideas and projects. Ten sewing machines and screen-printing equipment are on hand for use in upcoming workshops, which will range from single sessions to multi-day classes on a wide variety of topics such as starting your own t-shirt line, container gardening, wine tasting for beer guzzlers and – Malone’s personal favorite – Rock ‘n Roll Sewing for Dudes.

    “I wanted a place where even my completely craft challenged guy friends could come hang out,” says Malone.

    To that end, beyond-the-crafty reasons to visit the space abound. There’s a ping pong table, a projector for movie nights and even a multipurpose bar for use during parties that doubles as a sewing storage unit and a place for turntables.

    Almost everything in the place, save a few items scored from IKEA, was designed and built by Malone and her dad, a skilled carpenter, using reclaimed, recycled or donated materials. Chairs for use during group classes sit perched on a shelf when floor space is needed for events, while a sculpture incorporating over 1,000 recycled light bulbs offers a constant reminder that ah-ha moments are just waiting to happen.

    To get in on the action in person, stop by at 1798 McAllister Street @ Baker. Visit the web site next week for a calendar of upcoming classes starting the week of Sept. 28.

    Lorraine Sanders is the founder of SF Indie Fashion