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Danielle Steele's Odd Odysseys Across the Bay

The author explains why she flew regularly from San Francisco to Oakland



    Better Sleep = Better Grades
    Danielle Steele had to overcome a fear of flying to join the jet set.

    Wealthy romance novelist Danielle Steele overcame her fear of flying by hopping across San Francisco Bay on a flight between San Francisco and Oakland airports.

    In a long entry to the author's personal blog, she details the steps she took to overcome a phobia which struck after she became a mother and worried what would happen to her child if she died.

    After attending a class on how to overcome her fears, she eventually got used to the experience on a commuter flight that stopped in Oakland on its way to the Pacific Northwest.

    "For about a year, every few months, I would take a cab to the San Francisco airport (and I didn’t have a lot of money then, but it was worth it to me so I’d keep flying), board the plane at SFO, fly to Oakland, get off (it was a very cheap ticket for that short distance), and take a cab back into the city."

    Now she regularly commutes to Paris.

    She recommends that other fearful fliers take courses offered by local airports.

    The Fear of Flying Clinic at San Francisco's International Airport states that one in eight Americans is afraid of commercial air travel.

    Personally, I'd recommend flying Southwest Airlines. Flights are cheap, and the experience is about as close as you can get to riding a Greyhound bus.

    Jackson West never realized how much Steele had in common with the A-Team's B.A. Baracus.