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Facebook CEO Chats With British Prime Minister

Mark Zuckerberg can't be bothered to wear a proper shirt



    Facebook CEO Chats With British Prime Minister
    Cyan Bannister / TechCrunch
    At least Mark Zuckerberg didn't wear his trademark ugly hoodie.

    After a brief visit with British Prime Minister David Cameron in London last month, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is now apparently the go-to guy to help solve that nation's budget deficit.

    Yes, the young man who runs an unprofitable company is just the person to whom the UK's Conservative Party should turn for advice!

    Cameron and Zuckerberg fired up their respective webcams for what seemed to be a largely scripted chat about Facebook helping the English government connect with voters.

    Of course, what does Zuckerberg wear to this exchange of pleasantries and policy ideas with the leader of a G-20 nation? A t-shirt. One can only hope he was at least wearing long pants as well.

    It's not the first time a Facebook co-founder has dabbled in politics -- Chad Hughes worked on the Barack Obama campaign in 2008.

    But this seems to be more about a politician trying desperately to look young, hip and innovative -- something that Cameron faces a bit of a deficit of himself, especially compared to Liberal Democrat upstart Nick Clegg, who managed to wrangle the Deputy Prime Minister job by forming a ruling coalition in the British Parliament with the Tories.

    Cameron's plan seems to be to solicit advice from constituents on how to cut spending through appeals on Facebook. The only problem is, it's unlikely that your typical Briton knows much more about national spending than, say, a 26-year old Palo Alto resident who hasn't grown out of casual basics.

    Jackson West knows that Zuckerberg has a ghostwriter -- why on earth can't he get a stylist, as well?