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Facebook CEO Signs $50 Million Deal in Shower Shoes

FriendFeed acquisition shows off Mark Zuckerberg's legs, toes



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    Paul Buchheit
    Why are these schlubs smiling? Because the guy on the left in the cheap fleece just gave them $50 million.

    In a blow to masculine dignity, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg got together with the founders of FriendFeed to sign the papers on a $50 million deal looking more like boys at a backyard kegger than actual adults.

    While I'm not sure whether menswear is a leading indicator of business success, people with stock in companies like Microsoft and California taxpayers have invested, however indirectly, in the two companies.

    And the co-founder of the FriendFeed's new parent company, Zuckerberg, couldn't even be bothered to wear socks or long pants while signing away eight figures on a nominal competitor with a fraction of Facebook's users.

    One hopes he was at least wearing clean underwear.

    Silicon Valley prides itself on being innovative, but clearly in a very narrow way.

    Nobody, and I mean nobody, should look to the region for men's fashion inspiration.

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