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High Tea with Floral Notes

Alice in Wonderland comes out next March, get a head start and prepare your tea party now!



    Not Getting Enough Sleep? What’s Your Excuse?

    A FLORAL BLEND: Come, come now, stay consistent with the theme please. If you are drinking jasmine or lavender tea stick with the florals and wear Margaret O'leary's Charcoal Magnolia Crew.

    ONE LUMP OR TWO?: When it comes to tea parties, appearances rule; the containers are just as important as their contents. This Sugar/Creamer Set by Rare Device is a pair of vessels chic enough to keep favor with the queen.

    CHEERS: Toast in silhouetted joy with the Rabbit Tea Print by noraoyagi. Because it seems to be a pretty Rorschach test, you can use it to determine if you'll be our next Mad Hatter!