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Newest iPod Dock Wants You to Take a Seat



    Not Getting Enough Sleep? What’s Your Excuse?
    Pull up a seat.

    Most iPod docks look great on a desk, nightstand or countertop.

    The iTamtam dock sits on the floor, and you sit on the dock. Odd, right? Inspired by a line of stools featured at the MoMA, the iTamtams are docks, stools and speaker systems all in one sleek package.

    Priced between $400 and $429, they come in a variety of colors and styles, complete with a set of adapters for all your iPod/iPhone needs. You can get a pair for stereo playback, and they come in shades designed to perfectly match your Nano.

    The iTamtamGo is a portable model that plays for up to eight hours with its Lithium-ion battery. Find a dealer at Not really sure how to sit on it without squishing the iPod, but fashion always trumps function.

    Sitting on one of these, with a 5.5" subwoofer and five titanium speakers, brings a whole new way to feel your music. I think I want a pink one.