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Second Hand Gets Second Look



    Second Hand Gets Second Look
    Berkeley based Crossroads stores say they are seeing a rise in shoppers as the economy worsens.

    The struggling economy has not been bad for everyone. First we heard Monday that McDonald's sales were on the rise as people searched for a cheap place to fill their bellies. But the downside of eating too much fast food, is the upswing in your waist size.

    Maybe that's why used clothes sales are on the rise? Hmmm. Money may be tight but that doesn't mean that we can tighten the belt on fashion. Used is in in these difficult financial times. And locally at least one company is benefiting from that trend.

    Berkeley based Crossroad Trading Company said it has seen a rise in popularity and more business as secondhand fashion is getting a second look.

    "There is a new found interest not only in secondhand fashion, but recycling in general," said Erin Wallace, operations manager for Crossroads. "By shopping at Crossroads, our customers can save money and feel good knowing they are keeping clothing out of landfill. These two benefits give us an edge in the current retail environment."

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    (Published Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2009)

    There are 24 Crossroad stores across the country and just because they sell used goods it doesn't mean you cannot get name brand.

    The stores still offer name brands such as Banana Republic, Marc Jacobs, Coach and more. And you can often get the clothes cheaper, as long as you don't mind that somebody else's buns warmed those perfect pair of Levi's before you squeezed them on.

    Crossroads has been buying, selling and trading clothing since 1991.  There are other stores, such as Buffalo Exchange, that do the same thing as Crossroads.