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It's Official: Susan Boyle's in a Fashion Magazine

Boyle will grace the page of Harper's Bazaar in an upcoming issue



    It's Official: Susan Boyle's in a Fashion Magazine
    We give the editors at Harper's Bazaar two thumbs up for this idea.

    The rumors were surfacing as early as yesterday, and this morning it was finally confirmed: The homely Scottish singer-turned-superstar will soon be in the pages of Harper's Bazaar.

    A spokeswoman for Boyle apparently confirmed there was a photo shoot and also an interview for the soon-to-be-released September Issue, but there's no definitely word yet on whether or not that interiew made the final cut for that particular issue. We do know, however, that she will NOT grace the cover (no major surprise there).

    The glossy appearance is really just the latest press stint for the "I Dreamed a Dream"-singin' former church lady from Scotland, who burst onto the world stage on the show "Britain's Got Talent." As her popularity grew, the somewhat (we'll say it) less-than-attractive singer underwent something of a makeover, complete with eyebrow plucking, a new wardrobe, and some new makeup -- presumably to get her press-ready. Since then, Boyle has been seen on a plethora of TV spots, the most noteworthy being her appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show.