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eBay Gives Fashionaholics a New Addiction



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    eBay is going from pop ups to virtual fashion Meccas.

    eBaywants more than just its former CEO spending lots of money. The virtual barters market wants shoppers to think of it when they want new fashions.
    The San Jose-based company is launching a new fashion site Monday. It's the latest in a series of changes that will sometimes have it acting more like an outlet mall or "private sale" Web site.

    eBay is working with fashion brands and retailers such as French Connection to act as sellers.That's good news for California shoppers who won't have an FCUK to shop at soon.

    The new microsite, fashion.ebay.com, will bring together several new ways of selling.

    The company began testing "flash" sales -- short-term sales of a small selection of discounted items -- late last year. It launched its "Fashion Vault" flash-sale site earlier this week. eBay also is creating an online outlet mall that has enlisted Lord & Taylor and has other sellers on the way.

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