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Affirmation that Your iPhone Makes You a Yuppie

Michelin guide unveils San Francisco iPhone app



    Affirmation that Your iPhone Makes You a Yuppie
    Now you can read all about the French Laundry and its Michelin ranking on your iPhone.

    If you're fancy enough to have an iPhone well then just maybe you're fancy enough to handle having the Michelin restaurant guide in the palm of your hands.

    Well technically a book is in the palm of your hands too. But now the creme De la creme of fine dining guides has an app to confirm that the French Laundry is indeed on the Michelin guide. And to let you know that you are indeed high class (in case your monthly AT&T bills weren't indicator enough).

    The fancy iPhone app has already been available in France and most of Europe, but now Michelin will unveil the guide in New York and the beautiful San Francisco.

    The app lists all the restaurants selected by the Michelin guide, including starred restaurants and eateries offering excellent value for money.

    The applications are sold for the iPhone and iPod Touch via the iTunes App Store. Now you didn't think being fancy came without a cost, did you?