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Alice Waters Opens Up Her Kitchen



    Alice Waters Opens Up Her Kitchen

    The Queen of Slow Food may be known for her kitchen at Chez Panisse but she also has one at her home in Berkeley.

    It turns out it is quite a nice kitchen in fact, as Vanity Fair shows us. The magazine got an inside look at Waters home kitchen in Berkeley and they were kind enough to put together a fetching info-graphic on what you would commonly find in Ms. Waters' kitchen.

    According to Waters herself, you will "almost always" find a pot of pu-erh tea or tisane, usually with fresh mint or lemon verbana, "sleeping in the kitchen."

    Of course there are always fresh vegetables and fruits from Hollow Farm in Brentwood sitting on her table and the chef likes to leave the food she is eating out on a wood island in the middle of her kitchen where she can see it.

    What Alice Waters' kitchen would be complete without a compost bucket? None of course and Waters keeps one next to her sink and "all vegetables scraps go into it, and then out to the garden."

    Take a look at the info-graphic yourself to learn more about what you might find in Waters' kitchen.

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