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Angeleno Fires Salvo in California Burrito War

San Franciscans rush to defense of the Mission-style burrito



    Angeleno Fires Salvo in California Burrito War
    rick on Flickr
    Tucking into to a messy tube of Mission-style burrito gold.

    Just when you thought an era of relative peace had settled in the decades-old conflict between northern and southern California, a writer for the LA Weekly may have tipped the scales toward war once again.

    Calling the Mission-style burrito "soggy steamed pup-tents," writer Jonathan Gold might want to wear a disguise if he ever finds himself among the post-bar crowd in the early morning hours at El Farolito.

    Comments on posts to blogs SFist and LAist ran into the dozens. Even San Diego and Portland burrito partisans got drawn into the squabble.

    Aficionados know that the burrito is generally considered an invention of California, and is not widely known in Mexico beyond the northern states.

    But then Mexico has regional cuisines as diverse, if not more, than our own. I'm sure corn-husk tamale purists of Michoacan might scoff at the banana-leaf tamales of Oaxaca.

    When, of course, both are tongue-lovingly delicious. Photo by Flickr user rick.

    Jackson West has moved beyond the burrito to fall in love with the torta.