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Bacon Potato Chip Ditches the Street for the Net



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    Alexandra Restrepo
    Bacon potato chips, yum. Or yuck depending on who you are.

    One of San Francisco's more unique street food vendors is going viral.

    The guy who roams San Francisco's Mission district slinging uber-delicious, handmade snack food is putting his handiwork online instead of risking getting in trouble for selling chips without a license. Seriously.

    The genius behind Bacon Potato Chips is e-vending his Ruffle-style chips cut from high quality potatoes and fried up with some proprietary melange of "extra-bacony goodness."

    The chips are packed into resealable bags along with one fat slice and countless little bits of bacon, which "promise to test your limits of self control," like when your mom took the rubber sheets off your Ferrari bed.

    Chips are sold in a minimum o five bags that weigh 3.5 ounces for $25.

    SF Thrillist contributed to this story.