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Cereal Cafe Landing in the City



    Cereal Cafe Landing in the City

    In a city with tiki inspired liquor it's no surprise that San Francisco is getting a new gimmick eatery.

    Inside Scoop reports that a cafe dedicated to pouring a good bowl of cereal will open in the City's Sunset district next weekend.

    Schweet Boks will serve the cereal of your choice with the milk of your choice -- just in case you are a vegan or happen to be lactose intolerant -- and then you pick a topping or two and sit back and enjoy.

    The cafe will also serve Chicago's answer to Blue Bottle, Intelligentsia, because nothing goes better at all times of the day than cereal and coffee.

    The cereal cafe idea has been popping up across the country, according to the Scoop, and the cafe is "built in the same franchise model as Pinkberry."