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Dirty SF Hippie Stereotype Strikes Again

San Franciscans held for pot laced chocolate



    Dirty SF Hippie Stereotype Strikes Again
    David Sutherland
    Some folks just can't survive without their pot.

    Here's more proof that you can't take your eyes off of dirty San Franciscan hippies for even a minute.

    The Nebraska State Patrol seized more than four pounds of marijuana-laced chocolates and arrested two people from San Francisco during a traffic stop in central Nebraska.

    Spokeswoman Deb Collins says a dog detected the smell of drugs coming from the trunk of the 1999 Toyota Corolla during the stop Saturday afternoon.

    When the car was searched, 4.4 pounds of individually wrapped chocolates were found in three gift boxes in the trunk. Troopers also found about 3.5 ounces of marijuana.

    The chocolates from San Francisco, which contained marijuana's active ingredient, were bound for Cleveland.

    Troopers arrested 22-year-old Alexander Davis and 25-year-old Blair Truesdale of possession of marijuana with the intent to deliver.