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Dolores Park Taco Truck Could Get Heave-Ho

The Chaac-Mool taco truck might be forced to move from where it currently sits.



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    Move it! is what some park advocates say. The local supervisor is trying to find a compromise.

    The day the tacos died is on its way to Dolores Park.

    The Chaac-Mool taco truck, which often parks in the hugely-popular green space -- packed to the brim with beer-guzzling hip kids on a warm day, regardless of time during the week -- may be forced to move to the park's periphery if a proposal by Supervisor Scott Wiener, who represents the nearby area, moves forward, the San Francisco Examiner reported.

    The taco truck is a bystander in the battle between the City's park advocates who believe commercialization of city open spaces is the devil, and the Recreation and Park Department, which is A-OK with food trucks as long as it can collect permit fees, according to the newspaper.

    Wiener's law, which he calls a "compromise," would require the truck to move to a dead-end street along the park's edges.

    There's only room for one truck there, meaning Chaac-Mool's pre-Colombian cuisine would corner the mobile food market at Dolores.