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Energy Drinks With a Kick

Energy drink on the rocks anyone?



    Energy Drinks With a Kick

    They come in fancy fun labels with names like Joose, Four Loko and Spark.   They look and sound like drinks for the kids, but if you take a close look at the labels you will see that certain caffeinated drinks contain alcohol.  Some have as much as 12 percent alcohol content.

    Liquor stores located close to night clubs in San Francisco say they can barely keep the products on the shelves.

    We showed the products to parents and all of them said they were fooled by the labeling and thought it was something their kids would enjoy.

    Clarence Johnson said he's seen his 14-year-old son drink Joose and had no idea it contained alcohol.

    "The light green one; I thought it was a fruit drink they had I never knew it was. We are gonna talk," Johnson said.

    Sen. Dianne Feinstein is leading the charge to change the FDA rules for the products.

    Feinstein says the makers are clearly marketing to kids and she wonders if adding alcohol to caffeine is safe.  She and several other lawmakers sent the FDA a letter demanding it release it's study information and take action.

    The study found that younger drinkers are twice as likely to be the victim of sexual assault, ride with a drunk driver, and be hurt or injured as a result of their drinking enough to seek medical attention.

    Lawmakers say if the FDA finds adding alcohol to caffeine isn't safe then the drinks should be banned.

    The FDA has been looking at the safety of the product, Sen. Feinstein said its had enough time and she wants the answer.