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Food Network Cooks Up Reality on the Wii



    Food Network Cooks Up Reality on the Wii
    A screen shot of the new Food Network game for the Nintendo Wii.

    We already have reality television so why not welcome reality video games as well?

    The Food Network is rolling out a Wii video game, but it's unclear whether it's incredibly boring, incredibly stupid, or both.

    Screen shots and rumors of the new game have been floating around the Internet for awhile but Food blog Epicurious offers one of the first reviews:

    The game progresses in real time, so if you have to brown a steak for three minutes, it will take an actual three minutes to do so... instead of presenting a linear progression like other games, it's up to you to putter around your kitchen and know when to start boiling the potatoes so that they'll still be warm by the time you finish your wine reduction for the meat

    The game will chefs competing to perfect over 30 recipes in real time. All the ingredients will be at your fingertips and Food Network stars go virtual in the game. In some cases that can be rather scary.

    And you thought people don't cook anymore.

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