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Free Lunch With a Heartburn Ending

San Francisco restaurant offers a free meal if you can handle the spices



    Not quite a Korean taco but getting through a spicy Korean burrito could earn you a free lunch. Photo: Aesus on Flickr

    Even free lunches sometimes come with a price.

    In the case of John's Snack and Deli in San Francisco's Financial District, a free Korean burrito will either cost you your dignity in spice induced pain or $6.84.

    Our friends at SFoodie report the restaurant is celebrating its one-year anniversary with a dare: eat an "atomic" burrito in the restaurant and don't pay for it.

    Owner John Park says he is cramming a blend of Korean, Chinese and Mexican peppers into his house burrito that already comes with kimchi fried rice, kimchi, marinated meats, salsa, cheese, and cilantro.

    The rules for John’s Suicide Kimchi Burrito Challenge are simple. Anyone who can get get through the whole thing in one sitting not only eats for free but they also get their picture posted at the restaurant.

    And to make things easier, Park is allowing participants to sip, or gulp, their favorite drink to help calm their nerves.