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From Grasshopper Tacos to Fried Tarantula Tortas



    Grasshopper Tacos Anyone?

    They may sound beyond eccentric, but a taco filled fried insects is a big hit at one Bay Area restaurant. (Published Friday, Feb. 4, 2011)

    If fried grasshoppers on tacos was not enough to wet your pallet, get ready for fried tarantula tortas.

    La Oaxaqueña in San Franciscomade headlines last week for serving grasshopper tacos. Now owner Albino Carreno tells 7X7 that he also serves fried tarantula tortas.

    He says the taste and texture is similar to that of "a softshell crab." However he is currently out of the creepy tortas but he says he will have them back by March.

    Until then you can build up your tolerance for all food that hops and crawls with the grasshopper tacos.


    [Via Grubstreet]