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Get Out This Weekend: 9/19 - 9/20

Hi-tech scavenger hunt, hike & sketch, kite festival



    Get Out This Weekend: 9/19 - 9/20
    ** FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE **Colorful kites dot the sky in The Great Lakes Annual Kite Festival in Grand Haven State Park in Grand Haven, Mich., May 21, 2006. "Whether you're looking for a day or a week of relaxing in and enjoying beach-front communities, Lake Michigan's shoreline is really where you need to go," says Kirsten Borgstrom, a spokeswoman for Travel Michigan, the state's travel and tourism agency. Michigan's west coast is actually the eastern shore of the bottom half of Lake Michigan, the only one of the five Great Lakes entirely within the United States. It's so large _ up to 118 miles wide _ that it resembles an inland, freshwater sea, with crashing waves and high and low tides. (AP Photo/James Prichard)

    URBAN ADVENTURE RACE: Join in on the GO Urban Adventure Race in San Francisco on Saturday for high-tech fun with a competitive edge. Teams of two will compete in this unique race through the city, chasing clues sent via text message. There's more than $4,000 at stake. Wear comfy shoes, make sure your cell has a full charge and take your digital camera for this city-wide scavenger hunt. Registration starts at 10:40 a.m. Meet at Fort Mason Meadow.

    HIKE & SKETCH: Get inspiration from the outdoors after a brief hike at Ed Levin County Park. A Park Ranger will lead 3.5-mile hike while learning about the elements of sketch, Wear comfy hiking boots and bring your drawing tools and plenty of water. It runs from  From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

    GO FLY A KITE: Head over to the Marina Green for the Family Day Kite Festival. The beautiful panoramic park is the perfect place to enjoy the day and take part in some high-flying fun. Contests will be open for everyone at the event, which starts at 11 a.m.