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Godmother of Punk Stops by the City for a Cup of Joe



    Better Sleep = Better Grades
    Patti Smith likes San Francisco coffee.

    San Francisco is known for its coffee.

    From Blue Bottle to Ritual to Four Barrel to even Philz, city dwellers are blessed with a variety of tasty choices to get their mornings going.

    That's why it comes as no surprise to hear the "Godmother of punk" herself recently frequented a San Francisco coffee shop.

    Mission Local reports that singer Patti Smith popped into Philz Coffee on 24th Street in the City Monday evening to order herself a couple of handmade, coffee blends that only Phil can put together.

    The singer also showed she has a sweet tooth. Smith ordered two Mission Mini cupcakes to go along with her coffee.

    And the barista working behind the counter says Ms. Smith was not a punk when it came to tipping.

    “She was friendly and she tipped well,” Philz manager Katie Murphy said. “She melded in well with the crowd.”

    Nice to here.