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Google Chef is No "Top Chef"

Preeti Mistry leaves Las Vegas competition after getting the boot on last night's episode



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    Google chef Preeti Mistry was kicked off of "Top Chef" after mistaking clams for oysters and producing a sub-par pasta salad.

    Google may be one of the most powerful brands in the world, but their Midas touch didn't extend to Preeti Mistry, who was recently kicked off of the Bravo TV cooking competition "Top Chef."

    Mistry, who runs Charlie's Cafe at the Googleplex, was given the boot after three episodes for deliving a sub-par pasta salad.

    In an earlier episode she confused oysters with clams, a mistake that cost her team the win in a Quickfire challenge.

    Mistry didn't seem overly upset about leaving the Las Vegas competition in her post-Chopping Block interview. Her Twitter account told a similar story.

    "'Shoot for the stars cuz if you fall you'll land on a cloud.' -Kanye West," she wrote.

    The remaining 14 contestants will be asked to show their mastery of French cooking on next week's episode.