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Grilled Cheese Pandemonium Likely at City's Newest Eatery



    Not Getting Enough Sleep? What’s Your Excuse?
    The Grilled Cheese Truck
    Grilled cheese is going to drive people nuts at the City's newest restaurant.

    The countdown to The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen's opening day has officially ended, friends.

    Starting at 11 a.m. Friday you can wrap your hands around its butter-slathered, cheese-cradling, Pinkie's Bakery bread slices. And take a bite. Now let's take a moment to relive the journey.

    Much-celebrated mistress of grilled cheese, Heidi Gibson, and partner Nate Pollack have completed the redesign of an old tobacco warehouse, endured a grueling video challenge, weathered seven stormy Grilled Cheese Invitationals and subjected themselves to the Eater photog, all in the name of bringing you what may be the hippest grilled cheese in town.

    Early reports much appreciated in the comments or straight to Eater HQ.

    The Full Menu:

    Tillamook aged white cheddar, havarti, monterey jack 6-

    Feta Tomato
    feta, montery jack, roasted tomatoes, tapenade, garlic butter 7-

    Tillamook aged white cheddar, artisan cured ham, apple mustard, rosemary butter 8-

    Mushroom Gruyére
    fontina, gruyére, roasted wild mushrooms, caramelized onions, thyme butter 9-

    Jalapeño Popper
    chèvre, monterey jack, applewood-smoked bacon, apricot-jalapeño relish 9-

    Turkey Havarti
    creamy havarti, Willie Bird smoked turkey, ancho chili jam, arugula, pickled red onions 9-

    gruyére, jarlsberg, David’s Old World pastrami, local ‘kraut, Lusty B’s bread ’n butter pickles, deli mustard on rye 10-

    The Red, White and Blue Plate Special
    ½ sandwich + tomato soup or green salad. 8-

    Smoky Tomato Soup
    house made with crème fraîche, croutons 4-

    Stella's Cobb Salad
    chèvre, mixed greens, egg, cherry tomatoes, pickled red onions, smoked turkey, applewood-smoked bacon, buttermilk dressing 9-

    Tilly's Veggie Salad
    feta, mixed greens, egg, cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, capers, croutons, champagne vinaigrette 8-

    Little green salad with champaigne vinaigrette and croutons 3-
    House made New York deli-style pickle 1.5-
    Kettle potato chips 1.5-

    Fresh Baked Yummies
    Savory Bread Pudding
    made with crème fraîche, cheese and other seasonal fillings 6-

    Cookie 1.5-
    Killer butterscotch brownie with pecans 2.5-
    Pinkie's Bakery cupcake 3.5-


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