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Hungry Hearts Get Mission Street Food Halfway to Legitimacy



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    The Mission Street Food crew at work during a typically busy evening.

    Mission Street Food decided an IPO was not the way to go. So they relied on the kindness of their loyal eaters empty stomachs to fund their dreams of having a shiny new restaurant of its own. A place Mission Street Food could permanently call home. A Mission Street Home if you will.

    The plan was to move off the streets by raising $10,000 to secure a permanent location somewhere that isn't inside Lung Shan Restaurant. The chefs behind the popular food movement said they had a location already picked out, they just needed the seed money.

    Now Foodie is reporting the well-blogged establishment is halfway to their goal. They still need to raise the other five G's by May 5 in order for Kickstarter to fund the project, but proprietor Anthony Myint doesn't seem worried.

    Everything is "going according to planned so far," he writes on the MSF Blog, but if you think you'll be able to get your beloved Pork Belly & Jicama without a donation you might want to reconsider. Myint is hoping to raise a full $25,000 so he can afford equipment that will "make the food really shine."

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