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In-N-Out Expands Further North into Sonoma

Santa Rosa location sets northern boundary to popular burger joint's territorial dominance



    In-N-Out Expands Further North into  Sonoma
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    With a drive through window, maybe the new Santa Rosa In-N-Out location will lure the likes of Brittney Spears past Marin and into Sonoma?

    The Santa Rosa city council has approved plans for a new In-N-Out, complete with drive through window, just off 101 in Sonoma County.

    The location is the most northerly spot in the beloved Southern California chain's territory, a distinction previously held by the <strike>drive-through-free location in Mill Valley</strike> Rohnert Park.

    In-N-Out has been lauded by everyone from Fast Food Nation's Eric Schlosser to BusinessWeek's Stacy Perman in her recent In-N-Out Burger.

    The chain's expansion has been limited by a dedication to fresh beef, with no franchising on offer and all meat delivered from a company-owned processing plant in the Central Valley.

    It might be hard to believe that a fast-food hamburger chain so beloved by California consumers could have been started by a known communist, but that's the story Perman tells in her book.

    However, the company has apparently built a second meat processing facility further east to serve Nevada and Utah.

    Hopefully for In-N-Out, any world domination plans won't turn out so poorly as Stalin's.

    Jackson West orders two regular burgers with animal-style fries at the Fisherman's Wharf location.