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Keeping Ubuntu Alive



    Keeping Ubuntu Alive

    The heirs to the Ubuntu kitchen throne, Chef Aaron London and Pastry Chef Carl Swanson, have big shoes to fill since Jeremy and Deanie Fox split in February. According to this piece in the Napa Valley Register, it appears they have the experience and support to make it happen.

    The 26-year-old London worked with Daniel Boulud in New York and cooked in 23 kitchens over the past 13 years; and the 28-year-old Swanson worked at Manresa, Cyrus, and Meadowood before Deanie Fox asked him to join the Ubuntu team.

    But the proof, as always, will come with consistently delicious "vegetable cuisine" at the restaurant's Main Street Napa location. Do share your recent Ubuntu experiences below in the comments, when time allows. Or send your stories to

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    [Photo: Napa Valley Register]