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Landlord Wants Castro Sandwich Shop, Sushi Joint Evicted

Daimaru Sushi could also be a victim of Ike's Place success



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    Sadly, it seems Ike's Place neighbor Daimaru Sushi might be another victim of the sandwich shop's wild success.

    You would think that a landlord who has two successful businesses in his building, one wildly so, would want to raise their rent, not kick them out.

    But according to an email from an attorney representing Dennis Drobisch, in an effort to get sandwicheria Ike's Place out of his building, he's also willing to evict neighbor Daimaru Sushi.

    That's because Ike's Place owner Ike Shehadeh is actually a sub-tenant of Jerry Chau, owner of Daimaru sushi.

    It's not clear that Chau intends to fight the eviction -- he reportedly lives in Washington State and only visits occasionally.

    Arlene Helfrich, Drobisch's attorney, wrote in an email to Shehadeh argues that they can move to cancel the lease with Chau because of permit violations on the part of Ike's Place.

    It also asks that Shehadeh cease installing a vent hood over the stove that has been cited as a possible permit violation.

    Photo by Flickr user wonderyort.

    Jackson West has never actually been to Ike's Place because of the crazy lines.