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Local Celebrity Chef's "Left Coast Arugula Noodlings" in New York



    Local Celebrity Chef's "Left Coast Arugula Noodlings" in New York

    Today Bloomberg published Ryan Sutton's rather scathing review of Pulino's, the Keith McNally-owned Italian restaurant where Nate Appleman employs a market-driven, pizza-centric menu, similar to what he did here at A16. Well, according to Sutter, it's not going over so well across the country: "Chef Nate Appleman’s Left Coast arugula noodlings just miss the target." And it's crystal clear he doesn't like the pizzas:

    "...closer to cracker-like Roman pies, except they’re so thin the dough is translucent...Domino’s thin-crust [is] the unintentional point of reference...The toppings are disrespected too...Margherita-style comes with forgettable tomatoes and olive oil, evoking any other $2-a-slice joint. The mozzarella on pizza bianca is about as creamy as Polly-O string cheese."

    All this comes after an unexpected and questionable arrest last month and some unceremonious cross-country slaps from our very own Bauer. You'll also recall the New York Times review, which did have some notable high points; but the New York magazine review was so un-rosy it prompted serious angries out of Pulino's owner Keith McNally. So we're forced to ask the big questions: Does SF have lower standards than NY? Or is Appleman just out of his element?

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