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NIMBY Wars Could Land on a TV Near You



    NIMBY Wars Could Land on a TV Near You
    A sandwich from Ike's Place. Photo: Armoriur on Flickr

    The saga surrounding one of San Francisco's most popular sandwich shops could become a reality television show.

    As Ike Shehadeh is opening his newest location for Ike's Place in the City a block from his old one, a camera crew is following the sandwich-maker around, filming his every more for a potential reality show, according to SF Gate.

    Indigo Films is following Shehadeh, after the restaurateur opens a new restaurant just down the street from where neighbor complaints made it difficult for him to obtain a permit to operate his restaurant.

    Ike's Place used to draw lines out the door and some neighbors complained about trash, noise and that the smell from his kitchen was too strong.

    The camera crews are banking on making compelling television on the tensions between Shehadeh and his neighbors.

    "(The premise) is almost like: It takes a lot of balls to move into a location right across the street from where you got kicked out," Shawna Saari, the manager of development for Indigo Films, told SF Gate.

    The show is not a done deal yet and does not have a host channel as of yet. But the Gate has a winning name: NIMBY Wars.