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New York Times Spends $250 Slumming It in San Francisco

Guide to cheap travel could have been much, much cheaper



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    Generations of budget travelers have called the Green Tortoise Hostel home while staying in San Francisco.

    Once again, New Yorkers are getting a taste of San Francisco by proxy through the Times, this time in the Save or Splurge feature of the travel section.

    Of course, by "Save" they mean spending around $250 in a day.

    If you consider that thrifty, then for your own sake, don't bother with the "Splurge" half of the equation with the $1,000 budget.

    How did they manage to spend $250 in a single day, eating only burritos and not even catching a cable car ride? Well, $28 for a silk-screened t-shirt can't help.

    For your freeloader friends looking to be even cheaper while visiting, recommend the Green Tortoise hostel or CouchSurfing for accomodations; ThriftTown, Community Thrift and Out of the Closet for shopping; Dolores Park and Ocean Beach for people and dog watching, respectively; and check Broke Ass Stuart's Goddamn Website, funcheapSF and the Squid List for entertainment and nightlife deals.

    Take it from a broke local -- you really shouldn't have to crack a c-note to have a fine day in San Francisco.

    Photo by Flickr user MonsieurJC.

    Jackson West has been earning far less than the median livable wage in the San Francisco Bay Area for years now.