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Oakland's Rising as Pizzaiolo Sequel Nears



    Oakland's Rising as Pizzaiolo Sequel Nears
    Oakland's Pizzaiolo is getting closer to fruition.

    Oakland: Charlie Hallowell's follow-up to Pizzaiolo has been rumored for a while, but for most part, the pizzamaster has been tightlipped regarding the project. Nonetheless, from the looks of this Craigslist ad, it seems that he's already staffing it up, meaning that his new spinoff is getting very close. With that said, let's highlight some of the notable fun facts surrounding Hallowell's upcoming pizzeria:

    1) Location: It will be down the street from the Grand Lake Theater.

    2) The vibe: a "super down home setting" for a neighborhood joint "that actually nourishes the neighborhood."

    3) There will be regular live music.

    4) According the ad, cooks will double—err, triple—as servers and dishwashers alike.

    5) Unsurprisingly for the Panisse disciple, the pizza will incorporate the "best possible" ingredients, all sourced locally and organically.

    6) Regarding the price point: the pizzeria will "sell pizza as cheap as we can."

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