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Officials Loosen Park Food Rules

Extra time, and more optionsin Golden Gate Park offered to street-food vendors



    Officials Loosen Park Food Rules
    Jason Tester
    As street food goes electric in San Francisco, expect legitimacy to have its costs and its benefits as illustrated by a Whole Foods-brand Tapas Truck in Noe Valley.

    San Francisco's Recreation and Parks Department has given businesses writing proposals for temporary, streetside dining in the city's parks two more weeks to file.

    According to the department, that's to give businesses a time to rewrite their proposals after it changed the rules on concessions in Golden Gate Park.

    The rules allows one operator per park, but multiple concessionaires. So in theory an organization like La Cocina could apply to manage multiple, different carts in a single park.

    The department is also considering lowering rents during colder, wetter months and allowing multiple operators within Golden Gate Park.

    What hasn't changed are Department of Health guidelines on cart design and site preparation that make it difficult for smaller pushcart operators with pre-cooked goods to go legit.

    Photo by Jason Tester.

    Jackson West wonders where the thrill in eating sanitized, corporate street food that plays by the rules is.