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Playboy Does Shots in San Francisco

Magazine names two Bay Area tequila bars amongst the nation's best



    San Francisco is home to two of the best tequila lounges around.

    For those of you who don't look at Playboy for the articles, you might have missed a recent feature centered in the Bay Area.

    No there were no local girls scantily clad on the glossy pages of the men's magazine. But two San Francisco establishments did make Playboy's list of of the top 10 tequila lounges. (link may not be suitable for work)

    Tres Agaves on Townsend Street and Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Lounge on Geary Boulevard were both given a (fully covered) pictorial in the magazine.

    “That’s when we talk about how to approach tequila, the landscape, the humidors, the distilleries,” Tres Agaves Managing Partner Eric Rubin told the magazine. “We don’t ask ‘Do you get those toasty coco

    Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Lounge was shown love for the confidence to call itself "the world’s best tequila bar” and its “Demi-God” program, where "drinkers must taste at least 70 varieties of tequila, pass a timed written exam and provide documentation that they’ve visited Jalisco distilleries."

    Playboy Publicist Abi O'Donnell said the lounges were chosen partly for having "a great atmospheres and knowledgeable staff, who can teach patrons about the history, aging process and flavors in tequila."