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San Francisco Creamery Adds Curry to the Menu



    Ice cream on display at Bombay Ice Cream in the Mission. Photo: Jason Schalechet on Flickr

    If tuti fruiti or cashew raisin is not your idea of an exciting ice cream flavor then maybe Bombay Ice Cream is not for you.

    But if you love eating spice infused curry before ice cream then the creamery may be for you after all. Mission Mission reports the beloved Mission ice cream shop is going into the all you can eat Indian buffet business.

    The dingy Indian malt shop has been serving food for years but mostly what is known in the subcontinent as finger food. Dishes like pani puri and samosas have long been considered appetizers.

    But now Bombay Ice Cream is reportedly serving an all you can eat menu for $7.95. No word on whether ice cream is part of the buffet.