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San Francisco Says Yes to Food in the Park



    Let's Be Frank could be one vendor to start selling in more San Francisco parks.

    Thursday, the city unsurprisingly approved the curious, aforementioned park vendor plan to try profit off the street food fad.

    The permits will still cost a minimum $1,000 per month, and the vague healthful standard is to be, um, "left open to interpretation by the park officials who will select the vendors" (read: if no one wants to pay the hefty fee except In-N-Out, burgers could in theory be interpreted as healthy).

    That said, Blue Bottle Coffee and Let's Be Frank have reportedly expressed interest.

    Several street food vendors who run under wraps in the Mission have said the price is probably too steep to get them to go legit.

    “It would be hard for an independent vendor to make that monthly payment,” the Crème Brûlée Guy, who has not made his name public because he operates illegally, told SF Gate. “It would be a lot easier for a restaurant owner to just send out an employee to sit there for eight hours.”

    Eater contributed to this report.