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St. Francis Hotel Sugar High

Lots of hotels in San Francisco are dressing up for the holidays.



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    Westin St. Francis
    If you think this is impressive, just wait until you see this year's model.

    Nothing says Christmas like a hotel lobby. The better the hotel, the classier the message.

    Case in point for this article is the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco where a annual holiday tradition goes on display just in time for Thanksgiving.

    Executive pastry chef Jean-François Houdré will unveil his signature 12-foot holiday sugar castle Wednesday and the public is invited for a peek. The hotel says it will spring for hot chocolate and cookies.

    The photo at the top of this page is last year's creation. It resembles a French Chateau and weighs 1,200 pounds.

    The castle has been "improved" each year since 2005. 

    This year's additions are a medieval French village and a second moving train that circles the castle.

    It will be on display through the first of the year.