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Meet Your New Neighbor

Beloved cult film director has moved to town, at least part-time



    Meet Your New Neighbor
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    The dirty-minded uncle everyone wish they had, John Waters, is a regular around San Francisco's cafes and restaurants.

    Yes, that guy you saw riding Muni was John Waters. I know! Try not to freak out.

    San Francisco is pretty laid back when it comes to celebrity sightings, as there aren't many when it come down to it.   But there is a new man in town and he appears to be friendly to us commoners.

    There are few celebrities your art school urbanite adore more than Waters, who made a name for himself with films that range from conceptual art Pink Flamingoes to more accessible camp Hairspray.

    Waters has a place on Nob Hilland already has staked out some favorite spots around town, reports Bay Area Bites.  It has more favorites and eyewitness reports of Waters sightings.

    Those include Zuni Café, started by a friend from Provincetown, and The Big Four Restaurant at the Huntington Hotel, which Waters declared "SOO Sunset Boulevard."

    Pretty much everyone reports that he's a friendly, charming gentleman who likes candy and presumably tips well.

    Which is what you might expect from a self-described "Filth Elder," and certainly an improvement over the likes of Sean Penn.

    Jackson West didn't know he could love Waters any more than he did until he found out that Waters rides Muni.