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Free Tacos for Tattoo

Free food for life, for a price at Casa Sanchez



    Mission taqueria Casa Sanchez has revived its signature promotion, and it's the real deal: Get a medium-sized tattoo of Casa Sanchez's mascot, Jimmy the Cornman, and eat tacos for life.

    That's right. Once you get the tattoo, you just have to show off your ink to get one free entree and one free drink -- any time you want, for as long as you and Casa Sanchez survive.

    The tat is a cartoon character of the sombrero-wearing mariachi boy riding a corncob. The logo is supposed to depict the youngest son of the Sanchez family, named Jimmy. Jimmy is now the general manager of the company and, yes, he bears the tattoo.

    The deal has been around since 1999 -- but Casa Sanchez has lifted some restrictions, opening it up to anyone willing to get the permanent ink.

    At one point, after a flurry of interest, new prospects had to submit to interviews with the owner and the number was capped at 50 on a first-come, first-serve basis. Now, though, if you get the tat, you get the taco.

    The restaurant has been in the hands of the Sanchez family since the 1920s, and distributes its famous chips and salsa around the Bay Area.

    Martha Sanchez, who first came up with the idea, told the Wall Street Journal that the latest round of the promotion is being called the "stimulus special," and is intended to help folks in the neighborhood who might be struggling to stay full while getting the word out about the restaurant.

    And while some of the original inked patrons have since moved away, the restaurant reports that it has seen an uptick in folks they've known over a decade arriving to show off their body art and chow down.

    Jackson West is, frankly, tempted.