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The Melt Food Truck Takes to McCovey Cove Waters

The Melt boasts of it's two item menu: cheese and bread.



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    The kayakers and sailboats will be joined by a food truck loaded onto a barge for Sunday Night baseball.

    Sunday night baseball will see a first for McCovey Cove.

    The people behind one of the Bay Area's hottest eateries will take to the water giving people a new mobile food option. 

    First came food carts, then food trucks. Now we are entering the next era of food delivery: a food barge.

    The Melt will be handing out grilled cheese sandwiches to all the kayakers who paddle out to McCovey Cove. The paddlers will be hoping to catch a fly ball, but will be guaranteed to catch a tasty treat instead.

    The game will be airing on national television Sunday night and the barge is likely to get some national air time. Did we mention that MC Hammer will be on board playing the part of DJ?

    The barge is a one time thing, but The Melt is about to hit the road selling sandwiches from its new food truck starting next week. The truck is the mobile expansion of the restaurant's current five Bay Area locations. (Three in the City, one at the Stanford Mall and one in Berkeley).