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Top Chef Confirmed For Vegas



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    Top Chef is apparently going to be filmed in Las Vegas this season.

    When it comes to the sixth season of Top Chef, the Vegas rumors have been floating around since January (at least). The rumblings grew even louder when judge Toby Young announced that he was auctioning off a dinner in Vegas at Craftsteak. And now, Kate Aurthur, television editor at the Los Angeles Times has twittered confirmation:

    Confirmed: The next season of "Top Chef" will take place in Las Vegas and will begin filming next week.

    Assuming the above is credible, so it begins. Last season, we did our best to figure out the competing chefs during filming in New York (and we even outed a good number), so if this season is indeed in our backyard, it's a good bet that what happens in Vegas doesn't have to stay in Vegas: all sightings, rumors and photos of any Top Chef filming/cheftestants should be directed to the TC Vegas Hotline.

    If the reports are true, the sixth season of Top Chef will begin filming soon, if it hasn't already. Already two Atlanta chefs are rumored to be on the show.


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