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Walmart Is Hearting San Francisco



    Walmart Is Hearting San Francisco
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    City Council Approves Pullman Wal-Mart |
    The Chicago City Council approved construction of a Wal-Mart in south side neighborhood Pullman. Offering a $8.75 minimum wage, the store is expected to bring $1 billion and 12,000 jobs to Chicago.

    San Francisco say hello to Walmart. Don't want to? Well too bad because the biggest box retailer of them all is looking at the streets of San Francisco

    Andrew Ross of the San Francisco Chronicle says he is being "told" that Walmart is eying about two dozen Bay Area locations, including San Francisco.

    But these aren't your grandmother's Walmart. Instead these are more like your mom and pops, or at least Walmart wants you to think so.

    The company is looking to open several "smaller format" stores that carry mostly groceries. Think Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, only more corporate, if that's possible.

    But would San Francisco welcome a store with a spottier political record than Target?

    Despite a running desire amongst some city residents with the Minnesota-based discount store, the mood about a rumored Target move to San Francisco recently fizzled after the store made some political contributions that don't fly in the City.

    The backbone of the smaller stores would be fresh food with prepared take out, according to Ross. Tuesday Walmart wasn't talking but several analysts told the Chronicle that the move makes sense for Walmart because cities are where the money is.