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Walnut Creek Throws Another Patty on Its Burger Beef



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    Golden Arches in Walnut Creek? Not so fast.

    One thing is clear about Walnut Creek. While the quaint East Bay town is busy becoming the Disneyland north, one way it won't win your tourist dollars is through burgers.

    Walnut Creek appears to have a beef with burger joints. First some residents began fighting a plan to open an In-N-Out and now residents have locked their horns on a proposal to bring a McDonald's to town.

    There is proposal to open a Golden Arches on Citrus Circle and Oak Grove Road but some residents of the Woodland neighborhood are not rolling out the welcome mat for the clown who believes in magic.

    The residents say the character of the neighborhood will change if McDonald's is allowed to open in the area with its drive through window and oh so happy Happy Meals.

    But the fries are not in the fryer yet. Walnut Creek is still studying the proposal.