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Your Place for Cruelty-Free Romance

Vegetarians to get stuffed this weekend



    Your Place for Cruelty-Free Romance
    Ioan Sameli
    It almost looks like real food! But it's vegan!

    It's really so important to share an interest when it comes to building a strong relationship.

    Which is why the World Veg Festival is setting itself up as a meet market that's no meat market.

    Yes, you can speed-date your way to the kind of true love that only comes from a shared condemnation of the majority of humanity's brutal, uncivilized behavior.

    The party is being put on the The San Francisco Vegetarian Society and In Defense of Animals, and will run both Saturday and Sunday at the San Francisco County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park.

    There will be cupcakes!

    Photo by Ioan Sameli.

    Jackson West always caters to vegans when he cooks for a crowd, and they have been known to come back for seconds.