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World's Oldest Man Isn't Much of a Yelper



    Walter Breuning has no love or hate for Yelp. Photo: Twon Josh on Flickr

    Walter Breuning turned 114-years-old last week and along with celebrating his birthday, he celebrated the title of the world's oldest live man.

    And where does a man, who has been celebrating birthdays since 16 years before the "Happy Birthday to You" song was even written, celebrate his birthday?

    At a senior living center of course. Breuning lives at the Raindbow Senor Living Center but don't ask him for a review of the food at the center.

    Breuning loves to eat and still eats everything. But in an interview with SF Gate, the world's oldest man says he didn't starting eating out until he was 61, when his wife passed away.

    He enjoys eating pies and prefers Coke over Pepsi. But how does he keep up to date with the latest food trends? He definetly isn't taking short cuts by turning to the Internets.

    What do you think about Yelp?


    Never mind.

    That's okay. There aren't any good pie makers on Yelp anyway.