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Yelp Takes Fun to an Offensive New Level

San Francisco company makes confusing typo



    Not Getting Enough Sleep? What’s Your Excuse?
    A screen grab of Yelp's mistake.

    Now, most editions of an email newsletter may or may not induce eyerolls, but Wednesday's Yelp newsletter is, quite simply, in unbelievably poor taste.

    The image comes courtesy of the daily Yelp newsletter. As pointed out to us by Random Facts Girl, it's sponsored by SF Women Against Rape.

    Not only does it include the title "Put the Fun Between Your Legs," but the text includes the following jaw-dropping line: "...we sometimes ride in and put some fun between your legs."  We're not quite sure how that happens by accident.

    Sometimes there are no words. For shame, Yelp. As if the San Francisco-based company needed any more negative press. Yelp is still battling the allegations that it strong arms small companies into advertising by threating them with negative reviews

    Yelp's CEO Defends his Company

    [BAY] Yelp's CEO Defends his Company
    The CEO of Yelp spoke with Press Here about recent bullying allegations against his company.
    (Published Thursday, April 2, 2009)

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