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Zagat Says the Bay Area Is Generous and Likes Comfort Food



    Gary Danko reclaimed the top spot on Zagat's list.

    Bay Area diners are eating out less, tipping more, returning to the comfort of old friends and getting the best bang for their buck by eating on the street.

    Zagat's annual survey was released Tuesday and the list of the top ten most popular restaurants won't surprise anyone. Gary Danko reclaims the top spot as the Bay Area's most popular eatery and the following nine are the exact same as last year, including Boulevard, Slanted Door, French

    Laundry, Cyrus, Chez Panisse, Zuni Cafe, Kokkari, Chez Panisse and A16.

    Maybe most surprisingly, the survey, which includes 1,373 restaurants from 10,000 surveyors, finds the Bay Area is eating out 2.8 times a week, down from 3.2 times. The average meal has also gotten about 60 cents cheaper at $38.78 a meal. But hard times haven't diminished the Bay Area's generosity. The average tip was up last year.

    The survey has also officially put street food on the map. Pop restaurants and food trucks were added to the survey and they did not disappoint. The El Tonayense taco truck was rated the Best Bang for the Buck.

    You can read the results by picking up a copy from your local bookstore or by reading the survey online.