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iPhone App Lesson Learned: Don't Steal From Whole Foods

App puts man in the center of a police scene



    One man's iPhone put him in the middle of a wild and crazy adventure in San Francisco.

    This episode of "When Shopping at Whole Foods Goes Bad" is brought to us by your friendly neighborhood iPhone, which taught one blogger never to steal from the organic grocery chain.

    An avid photographer, and iPhone user, was walking around San Francisco's South of Market Area on Thursday when he felt the need to use a restroom. As all Apple aficionados do, the man turned to his iPhone to solve his problem. He dialed up one of his favorite apps, "Sit or Squat," which helps weak bladder techies find a restroom anywhere.

    But what his iPhone guided him to was more than a clean Whole Foods bathroom. His iPhone had put him squat in the middle of a life lesson.

    "As I rounded the corner up Fourth Street, I walked into into an intense struggle for power unfolding on the sidewalk," the man who calls himself Plug 1 wrote on his blog.

    A man allegedly had tried to steal a bottle of wine and some take-out dinner from the market just before the blogger and his iPhone arrived. He of course pulled out his camera and documented the scene for the rest of us to learn what his iPhone was teaching him: never steal from America's most expensive grocery store.

    The man was tackled by security guard and covered with wine from the impact of the bottle shattering on the floor.

    "What made the situation worse was that the fellow was not only full of adrenaline, but deaf. It took some time for the security guards to realize this, but not before completely wearing this guy out," the blogger said. "San Francisco's finest arrived a few minutes later, called an ambulance, and took the suspect away."

    This blogger had his iPhone to thank for guiding him into the middle of a South of Market moment and for truly is solving all of life's problems one app at a time.