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$100M (Second) Home a Record Price



    Raw Video: Los Altos $100 Million Home

    The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that Russian billionaire Yuri Milner paid the highest known price ever for a single-family home. And its right here in the Bay Area. (Published Thursday, March 31, 2011)

    Those average home price statistics that the evening news reports always seem low to Bay Area residents.

    The average home price in California is stunning enough at $309,000 -- that's 80 percent above the rest of the United States, according to CSMonitor.com.

    Well expect that average to nose up now that Yuri Milner paid $100 million for -- dig this -- a second home, the Wall Street Journal reported.

    That's purportedly a record sale price for a home in the United States. The 25,500-square-foot, French chateau-style manse is in Los Altos Hills and once belonged to Fred Chan, founder of ESS Technology, according to Luxist.com.

    Some of the amenities include a car wash, home theater, ballroom and indoor pool. Outdoors has another pool, tennis court and some exquisite looking gardens.

    The 47-year-old Milner lives in Moscow most of the year with his wife and two daughters, according to Luxist. He's an investor in Facebook, Groupon and Zynga.